The NDOT is focused on facilitating ongoing E-Ticketing pilot projects scheduled for the 2024 construction season and desires, to the extent possible, to convert those pilot projects from using the NDOT’s in-house E-Ticketing solution to this HaulHub solution.

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What does this mean?

Nebraska is revamping traditional paper-based processes for highway construction projects by integrating them into electronic and digital workflows. e-Ticketing provides digital means to produce, transmit, and share materials data to track and verify materials deliveries. This streamlines inspections and improves contract administration processing.

Nebraska is leading the industry with the introduction of the NDOT Portal to enhance productivity, reduce environmental impacts and become safer across state job sites. The NDOT Portal grants access via desktop and mobile devices and simplifies the exchange of material data from across the ecosystem of construction management systems.

The NDOT Portal will connect in real-time any asphalt, concrete or aggregate producer, regardless of ticketing vendor.

A message from us

"This NDOT E-Ticketing Portal (powered by the HaulHub E-Ticketing solution) is replacing the NDOT’s in-house E-Ticketing solution. Additional pilot projects for asphaltic concrete and portland cement concrete paving projects, using the HaulHub solution, will be considered and permitted on a selective basis. The NDOT is committed to implementing E-Ticketing, but also desires to manage the implementation of E-Ticketing to ensure there is proper time and oversight for NDOT staff training, materials documentation/acceptance and record retention. Therefore, for the 2023 construction season, the NDOT will seek to add E-Ticketing pilot projects—on a volunteer basis—that mutually benefit the NDOT along with our contractor/producer partners."

- Nebraska Department of Transportation

What's in it for me?


Optimize time and cost savings by eliminating the administrative burden of hunting down every ticket for every load on every project.

Streamlined Ops

E-Ticketing automation greatly reduces administrative burden for field crews, back-office staff, and project managers.

Unlock your Data

Delivering real-time E-Ticket data throughout the entire supply chain enables seamless access for relevant personnel both in the office and the field.

Improve Safety

Eliminate the need to physically board delivery trucks for ticket retrieval. Ensure greater transparency and safety across the entire project.

What’s included for the contractor?


provides the contractor with complimentary access to the mobile app JOBslip. JOBslip is available both on the web and on a smartphone device via the JOBslip mobile app. Tickets can be viewed and downloaded by field staff or the back office giving a full transaction report of what tickets have been sent electronically and their delivery status.

View Transactions
Access a live feed of digital tickets on loads associated with
projects. View all the ticket data for every load without hunting down paper tickets.
Digital Proof of Delivery
Maximize productivity and minimize delays with one-tap digital signature for proof of delivery. Field crews keep digital records of loads, tickets and routes from plant to jobsite.
Streamlined Reconciliation
E-Ticketing simplifies your reconciliation process. Download daily ticket reports in .csv (“comma separated value”) format for easy import into your ERP system.
Delivery reports provide transparency and accountability to both you and
to ensure all loads are accounted for.

How does it all work together?

Contractors will still deliver loads from plant to jobsite just like they do now. JobSlip and the

Nebraska Department of Transporation

will automatically communicate with minimal intrusion or disruption to your current operations.

Business As Usual
Nothing changes in your daily operations. As trucks pull up to the plant, operators log the truck and job details, hit the print button to create a paper ticket. This action automatically logs the digital ticket information at the producer’s scale database.
Collection of e-Tickets
NDOT Portal
collects digital ticketing data sent from the producer’s scale in real-time.
JOBslip Mobile App
provides you complimentary access to the mobile app JOBslip to digitally view the same information on your paper ticket. This grants both parties access to the same digital ticket data.
Digital Receipt
JOBslip will now be your digital transaction receipt. You can choose to download tickets in multiple formats to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost me?

Nothing. Nebraska Department of Transportation has partnered with HaulHub to provide one software license for every supplier/producer. If your ticket data is centrally located in one database, the NDOT Portal has everything you need to start sending e-Tickets to Nebraska Department of Transportation at no additional cost.* (*Producer/Supplier assumes all costs associated with modernizing their systems to meet this requirement beyond what is outlined.)

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Does this handle multiple material types?

Yes. The NDOT Portal is the most flexible e-Ticketing portal available and works with all major construction material.

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Why is Nebraska Department of Transportation doing this now?

Nebraska is moving towards an all-electronic ticketing program for its NDOT projects which will eliminate paper tickets associated with Hot Mix Asphalt and will soon include Aggregate and Ready-Mix. Not only will this streamline the NDOT construction projects, it will allow the state to save money on every ticket, ensure vendors are paid faster, and create a more sustainable solution for the environment.

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I don’t have internal IT resources to set this up, can I still participate?

Yes. Nebraska Department of Transportation has secured basic IT services from HaulHub to get your operations up and running at no cost to you. This assumes that your ticket data is centrally located in one database. If your plant systems are not consolidated into one central database, you might require additional IT services.* (*Producer/Supplier assumes all costs associated with modernizing their systems to meet this requirement beyond what is outlined.)

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I already use an e-Ticketing system, do I have to change?

No. The NDOT Portal provides API access for producers with existing e-Ticketing solutions, or with internal IT resources.

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