Save time and stay updated on job progress with real-time performance insights and reporting.

  • Access material ticket data the moment it leaves the scale. Quickly access all your tickets in one place, right on your phone.

  • Track job progress and identify potential delays or problems with real-time performance insights and intuitive reports.

  • Save hours of administration by automatically importing tickets to your back office and accepting tickets from anywhere.

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Eliminate the chaos of paperwork with automated e-Ticketing tools built specifically for every player in the supply chain.


HaulHub’s patent-pending technology powers Digital Construction Management for producers, contractors, and carriers nationwide. Magnify your success, boost ROI, and decrease costs all from one platform.

HaulHub allows for increased visibility between our plants and jobsites. We can track material movement, wait times, and costs per ton in real-time. Having this vision for our contracting division allows us to see what areas are performing well and where we can make improvements.

Bob Anderson, Aggregate Industries

HaulHub’s GPS tracking is a big features for us. The ability to track the trucks and look back at their digital time logs removes the honor code from billing. We know where the trucks are at all times, so there are no billing discrepancies. Certified payroll reporting, too, is automated. So, we no longer have to stress over filling those out—HaulHub does it all for us.

Lucy Francisco, EJ Paving

In only my second year in business, I have grown from one to three trucks and surpassed my year end sales goal by over 25%, thanks to businesses like HaulHub that believe in me. If you run any trucking business, you’d be a fool not to utilize the app.

HaulHub does certified payroll for you. It takes out all of that math and paperwork. For a lot of trucking companies, certified payroll paperwork is complicated and confusing. By automating it, HaulHub helps make these truckers and brokers legit and compliant.

Laura Garrigan, Advanced NRG Inc.

e-Ticketing makes the jobs go smoother and easier. It saves so much time.

The days of calling someone up at the plant now and asking them what truck they loaded…those days are gone. Everything’s right there on your phone.


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