The technology enables secure, accurate, and seamless inclusion of material tickets encoded within dynamic barcodes, e.g. QR codes, into the e-Ticketing digital chain of custody.

On December 28th, 2021, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent No. 11,210,635 to HaulHub Technologies, the nation’s leader in providing digital tools to manage all aspects of the construction materials supply chain, which continues to rapidly transform the construction industry. This patent is directed to a digital chain of custody system for construction materials that is resilient to wireless connectivity disruption.

A major challenge for the producers, contractors, and transportation authorities charged with modernizing the nation’s highway and road network are areas where cellphone service is either unreliable, or nonexistent. The United States Department of Transportation estimates that 68% of the nation’s lane miles are in rural areas that are often lacking in internet connectivity. This significant hurdle stymies the ability to adopt technological advancements that increase jobsite safety and overall efficiencies, as well as provide up-to-date information to all project stakeholders. 

HaulHub’s patent covers an underlying component for its suite of applications which ensures a high degree of data integrity as the industry moves forward with e-Ticketing. More specifically, the patent is directed to enabling secure, accurate, and seamless inclusion of material tickets encoded within dynamic barcodes, e.g. QR codes,  into the e-Ticketing digital chain of custody. HaulHub’s DOTSlip Smartphone application, the premier app for State Department’s of Transportation nationwide, utilizes this advancement to allow inspectors and third party contractors on the jobsite to continue to accept construction material ticket information and to work seamlessly without interruption. 

“It is paramount that technology be simple and easy to implement. Material suppliers are always keeping costs in mind, and if it’s difficult, you’re simply not going to get widespread acceptance,” said Joe Spinelli, CEO and Founder of HaulHub Technologies. “This innovation is an inexpensive, and accessible, answer for industry participants who want to get involved in the transition toward modern digital delivery practices but do not have reliable connectivity at their job sites or plants.” 

All that is required for a material producer to get started is to print a QR code along with their traditional paper ticket. This greatly reduces the barrier to entry for plants and supply locations located in connectivity dead zones to participate in e-Ticketing. Their partners using HaulHub’s applications can then simply scan that QR code via HaulHub’s mobile applications to add it to the e-Ticketing chain of custody and perform their work seamlessly regardless of wireless connectivity. 

HaulHub is committed to investing in new technologies and novel methods to reduce the challenge and increase the accessibility of modern e-Construction practices for the construction materials supply chain. This patent is the first granted in a series of US patent applications filed for innovations HaulHub is incorporating into its industry-leading digital tools for the construction materials supply chain.