Fleet owners, owner-operators, drivers, and brokers use HaulHub to book jobs, get paid, and manage their fleet. We asked our community why they loved working with HaulHub, and here’s what they had to say.

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1. Find More Jobs

HaulHub makes it easy to find jobs. Fleets owners, brokers, or owner-operators can easily access hauling jobs right from the HaulHub app, available on both iOS and Android phones. Through driver and fleet scores, they can also earn a reputation and get direct requests from contractors who prefer them for their hauling needs.

Owner-operator Wilson Tiburtino says he bought his truck this year, because he knew he’d find the work on HaulHub. “My biggest concern with buying my truck was if I was going to find enough work,” says Tiburtino, founder and owner-operator of TJW Corp. “HaulHub made that decision easier. It’s so nice to have my phone notifying me that there’s work out there waiting for me.”

2. Make More Money

HaulHub Fleet Owner_Yellow Ribbon Trucking_Truck_Chris Omasta

Fleet owner Chris Omasta of Yellow Ribbon Trucking purchases his third truck in 2018,
thanks to all the extra work he found on HaulHub.

Finding jobs is one thing, but finding enough jobs to actually grow your business is an entirely different proposition. For Yellow Ribbon Trucking, HaulHub did just that.

“In only my second year in business, I have grown from one to three trucks and surpassed my year end sales goal by over 25%, thanks to businesses like HaulHub that believe in me,” says Chris Omasta, founder and CEO of Yellow Ribbon Trucking. “If you run any trucking business, you’d be a fool not to utilize the app.”

Omasta says HaulHub contributed to nearly 10% of Yellow Ribbon Trucking’s 2018 revenue.

For TWJ Corp, too, trucker Tiburtino, says HaulHub jobs accounted for 25-30% of his work in 2018. “I seize opportunities when they’re there,” says Tiburtino. “HaulHub has given me the opportunity to seize.”

3. Reduce Paperwork

Forget paper timeslips, invoices, and certified payroll. All of that is digital with HaulHub. Drivers check in and out at plants and jobsites, and all of the paperwork is automated.

“It takes the bookkeeping off of my shoulders, and frees up more time so I can focus on growing the business,” says Omasta.

For many truckers, HaulHub’s certified payroll automation is a huge deal. Certified payroll calculations are a necessity for public projects, but they’re also time-consuming, as reporting involves using each driver’s daily paper timesheets to calculate his or her total time on the job site. Especially for fleet owners and brokers who work with many trucks, all running day and night shifts each day, that’s a lot of calculations to produce.

“HaulHub does certified payroll for you,” says Advanced NRG CEO Laura Garrigan. “It takes out all of that math and paperwork. For a lot of trucking companies, certified payroll paperwork is complicated and confusing. By automating it, HaulHub helps make these truckers and brokers legit and compliant.”

Plus, HaulHub enables fleet owners to track important fleet data including insurance and driving records and access GPS route logs all from the HaulHub app. It makes solving shift issues so much easier to be able to see exactly where drivers were throughout their entire shift.

In the end, fleet owners and drivers love HaulHub, because it makes getting paid easier.

“It’s so efficient how HaulHub tracks all of my payments from the different companies I work with and direct deposits to my bank, so I get paid faster,” says Tiburtino. “Time is money as an owner-operator. HaulHub saves me both and puts all of the resources at my fingertips.”

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