HaulHub Technologies, the Boston technology firm modernizing the heavy construction industry with state-of-the-art, mobile- and web-based solutions, announced today it is the first partner to join Command Alkon’s CONNEX Platform, a supplier collaboration platform that enables cross-company visibility into processes, systems, and data.

“CONNEX enables us to integrate Command Alkon’s ticketing systems with material orders and transportation to create a single, transparent view of the job for material producers, contractors, and carriers,” says HaulHub Technologies VP of Product Alisa Deychman. “With CONNEX, everyone from the sales team, dispatching, plant crews, field crews, and haulers see the data they require. For example, materials producers can now track in real-time the live plant inventory, material sales, and tonnage in-transit. Plant crews see real-time truck movements and load progression. It’s a single ecosystem. No longer are people kept in the dark—everyone has one platform to see the full picture.”

“There is a collective desire in the industry to collaborate more friction-free and digitally with partners; and HaulHub’s integration as a CONNEX Partner is a fantastic example of an open many-to-many platform transforming how heavy work gets done,” says Steve Cox, Vice President of Business Development at Command Alkon. “In order to achieve more together, leaders from across the ecosystem are highly desirous to share data, exchange eTickets, and automate workflows with their customers, suppliers, and haulers. When surveyed about the opportunity to participate, 83% are a resounding yes and 17% responded with a maybe. More importantly, none said no! The time is now.”

FOB Materials Screenshots

An inside look at FOB Materials, the digital material ordering platform by HaulHub Technologies.

As a leading technology firm in the field, with more than 40 years of operations and an international footprint, Command Alkon serves many of the industry’s largest companies, including Colas, Martin Marietta, and LafargeHolcim, one of HaulHub’s own innovation-forward customers. Shared customers means shared goals—and now, a cohesive, transparent view integrating the materials, transportation, and ticketing on the job.

“We’re changing the game for heavy construction companies,” says HaulHub Technologies Founder and CEO Joe Spinelli. “Being the first CONNEX Certified Partner is a part of that strategy. This data used to be locked in spreadsheets and paper documents. Now, we can use technology to help our customers’ businesses grow. CONNEX is one more step forward, enabling us to link into Command Alkon systems that our customers also use, making data sharing and collaboration that much easier for everyone involved in the process.”

HaulHub Technologies’s pioneering partnership with Command Alkon is a step forward for the heavy construction industry, signaling a more connected and collaborative environment for general contractors, haulers, suppliers, and material producers.

Command Alkon announced its CONNEX Platform on September 17. More information about CONNEX can be found at connexplatform.com.

About HaulHub Technologies

Founded in 2015, HaulHub Technologies is the premier performance platform for the heavy construction industry. Based in Boston, HaulHub builds technology that powers transportation, digital materials ordering, and customer management for producers, contractors, and carriers nationwide, helping heavy construction companies run lean with technology. HaulHub powers 1,000+ jobsites and plants nationwide. Learn more at haulhub.com.