We’re proud to announce the launch of HaulHub Analytics today, a game-changing analytics platform that will empower material haulers with essential performance and operations data that was previously unavailable within the heavy construction industry’s traditionally phone- and paper-based systems.

With HaulHub Analytics, material hauling executives are now able to track and utilize performance data and monitor operations costs to optimize and improve their businesses. HaulHub Analytics metrics include driving, jobsite, and plant cost breakdowns, jobsite costs per ton, costs relative to bid prices, fleet efficiency, fleet safety, and average plant and jobsite wait times, among other key data points.

HaulHub offers new technology and operational and performance metrics that had previously gone uncaptured in the world of asphalt and aggregate material hauling. Materials producers and general contractors have traditionally dispatched trucks—whether their own or contracted overflow trucks—to haul materials from plants to jobsites. And truckers would report their driving logs on paper timesheets. A lot of valuable insights live within those timesheets, though: driving costs, load and unload times, round trips. HaulHub Analytics enables managers to utilize those insights in real time to compare data on fleet, jobsite, plant, regional, and national levels. Managers can now easily analyze their operations over time and even compare to industry averages.

“HaulHub allows for increased visibility between our plants and jobsites,” says an executive team member from the northeast region of one of the top-five materials producers worldwide, a beta customer for HaulHub Analytics. “We can track material movement, wait times, and costs per ton in real-time. Having this visibility for our contracting division allows us to see what areas are performing well and where we can make business process improvements.”

The same beta customer mentioned above has not only used HaulHub to save 1,800 hours annually in accounting and dispatching administration, but has also worked with more fleets and gained valuable operations insights through the platform’s data offerings. The company was able to identify and terminate the bottom 5 percent of fleets it contracted that had poor safety and performance ratings. Now with Analytics, they are able to track costs, wait times, and truck usage in real-time and over time to optimize operations.

“HaulHub Analytics is a paradigm shift for heavy construction,” says HaulHub Founder and CEO Joe Spinelli, who operated his own construction company for nearly two decades before founding HaulHub. “It used to be that operators simply struggled to find enough trucks. Now with the HaulHub marketplace, they can find trucks, but with HaulHub Enterprise and our analytics reporting, they can optimize the productivity of their entire operations.”

HaulHub Analytics is available to HaulHub Enterprise customers and enables associates to access automated daily and monthly reports.

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