“Sometimes conference talk titles sound like a lot of B.S.,” laughed Benevento Companies Operations Controller Joe Merlino. “Our talk title, though, sums up what Command Alkon, HaulHub Technologies, and Benevento are doing together. We want to share our success with other producers out there.”

Merlino was tasked with kicking off the ELEVATE 2019 PowerTalks session called “Practical Collaboration Now: On the Road to a Connected Ecosystem,” where he joined HaulHub Technologies CEO Joe Spinelli and Command Alkon Senior Product Manager Matthew Brinker to share a collaboration success study between the three companies.

The talk dug into collaboration and connectedness in construction. The goal? Using technology to connect the disparate systems that producers and contractors use to get the job done in heavy construction.

Merlino shared that Benevento’s growth has necessitated that they continue to innovate how they manage sales, transportation, and plant operations.

“We’ve gone from producing 275,000 tons of asphalt per year to nearly 600,000 tons per year in a two to three year period,” Merlino said. “Tremendous growth, bigger orders, and bigger customers requires more connectivity with customers.”

Benevento Companies Operations Controller Joe Merlino shares the company's success story.

Benevento Companies Operations Controller Joe Merlino shares the company’s success story.

Benevento Companies is a joint customer of HaulHub Technologies and Command Alkon. In May 2019, Merlino began a campaign to find integration between the disparate solutions Benevento was running from the two companies. He got executives from Benevento Companies, Command Alkon, and HaulHub Technologies at the same table at HaulHub headquarters in downtown Boston. Months later, what resulted was the integration he was looking for, made possible by Command Alkon’s newly launched CONNEX Platform, a supplier collaboration platform that enables cross-company visibility into processes, systems, and data.

Benevento Companies became the first customer to use CONNEX and HaulHub Technologies became the first Certified CONNEX Partner, and the first to integrate with a Command product through the CONNEX Platform.

Full Supply Chain Solution in Heavy Construction

The success story is all about connecting an industry. Enter HaulHub Technologies. CEO Joe Spinelli took the stage to discuss our company’s vision for the future.

“I asked the team at Benevento Companies, ‘What capabilities do you wish you had right from your phone?'” Spinelli said. “And then we went and built that.”

HaulHub Technologies offers a suite of fully-integrated, cloud-based tools that manage all aspects of a supply chain in heavy construction. From material ordering to transportation to sales management, we have material producers and contractors covered from plant to jobsite.

Spinelli demonstrated and discussed the capabilities available to management, field crews, fleets, brokers, and back-office associates through the HaulHub Technologies performance platform.

“Now the guy or gal on the back of the paver doesn’t need to call Benevento to ask ‘Hey, how many tons do I have out?'” Spinelli said. “They can look right in the app and see everything they need to know.”

The same goes for managers looking for profitability and productivity data; accountants looking for invoices; compliance officers looking for insurance documentation… everything is automated and digitized, available to the right teammates, all from the web or mobile.

“This conference is all about eliminating excuses to innovation,” Spinelli said. “We can do this as an industry, if we all put our heads together.”

The Vision of CONNEX

Command Alkon Senior Product Manager Matthew Brinker discusses the future of CONNEX.

Command Alkon Senior Product Manager Matthew Brinker discusses the future of CONNEX.

Command Alkon developed the CONNEX Platform with a vision of connecting an industry, Brinker explained. “It all needs to work seamlessly together, and CONNEX makes that possible,” he said. “With HaulHub, we’ve been getting tickets out of APEX real-time and putting it in their customers’ hands. Now that we’ve integrated with HaulHub, that’s proof that it’s possible.”

So, where will CONNEX go from here?

Brinker explained that the platform goes beyond APEX ticketing data and can connect third-party providers with any of their products, including the Command Series, Integra, and more.

Though HaulHub Technologies was the first Certified Partner, Brinker says there are talks with HCSS and InfoTech regarding potential integrations.

“We’re not here to mess around anymore,” Brinker said. “We want to talk about it and then do it.”

Let’s Get Connected

The audience, composed of representatives from material producers from across the country, offered up questions about fencing, fleet and trucker onboarding, and the integration process.

If the intent behind the questions are any indication, heavy construction is ready for innovation.

If you’re interested in working towards a connected ecosystem or learning about HaulHub Technologies’ solutions, let’s chat. Request a demo or contact us for more information!