Serious accidents involving dump trucks are on the rise, posing problems for operators, fleet owners, and the contractors and material producers who work with them. At HaulHub, though, we’re using technology to improve driver safety and arm businesses with safety data that will help them combat preventable incidents.

Severe dump truck accidents involving towage rose 9%, hitting 8,206 in 2016, the latest year statistics are available, according to reports in Engineering News-Record. Dump truck accidents involving injuries also rose, by  2.7%, to 5,483, according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). The numbers are dismal and impact communities across the nation.

In recent months in just the Boston area alone, reports of bicyclists and pedestrians being struck and killed in dump truck accidents have put safety concerns front-of-mind. Raised dump bodies impacting bridges and overpasses, too, have caused fatalities, life-threatening injuries, and equipment loss that could have been prevented with greater attention to safety precautions.

HaulHub Safety App Screen_Triple Check Your Mirrors

At HaulHub, our mission is to build technology for material hauling that optimizes the way material producers, haulers, and field crews collaborate. Safety is a big part of that mission. When fleets operate safety, it benefits everyone—not just those on the jobsite, but society at large. No one wants to hear that one of their drivers or trucks was responsible for the injury or death of an innocent bystander, or that they’ve lost a truck or driver due to an operating error.

We equip drivers with safety reminders they wouldn’t see otherwise, bringing safety into the limelight consistently.

Safety on the Driver Level

HaulHub integrates safety prompts and reminders throughout the main HaulHub app, which drivers use to manage their jobs and shifts.

When drivers start their shifts, they’re asked to certify that:

  • Their body and backup alarms are functioning
  • They have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in their truck in the case of an emergency
  • They are liable for these certifications

Similarly, drivers also encounter short safety videos before shifts, reminding them of various measures that are common safety mishaps:

  • Triple check your mirrors
  • Obey speed limits
  • Avoid harsh braking
  • Lock your gate

The recent bicyclist fatality near the Boston Museum of Science, for example, happened when the dump truck and bicyclist both attempted to take a right turn and one of the dump truck’s tires made impact with the cyclist. While it’s difficult to tell if the driver could see the bicyclist in his mirrors, that is precisely the reason it’s important that truckers “triple check” their mirrors, specifically when making right turns.

Mitigating Safety Risks with Data

HaulHub enables contractors and material producers to see fleet and driver scores to mitigate safety and performance risks.

It’s important for each driver to be conscious of safety while operating, but it’s potentially even more crucial for contractors and material producers to have transparency into fleet and driver safety ratings, so that they can mitigate risks of working with potentially unsafe operators.

HaulHub Driver and Fleet Scoring

With HaulHub, contractors and material producers have access to key metrics that improve safety and performance, including:

  • Incident Rating: Safety violations reported by field and plant crew members
  • DOT OOS: A truck’s out-of-service rating as determined by Department of Transportation inspection failures
  • Reliability: How often a driver is on-time to their shifts, versus showing up late or cancelling

These ratings are calculated into a driver’s Total Score, which is then reflected on a fleet-level, so that contractors and material producers can see how safe or unsafe specific fleets are.

The northeast region of one of the top-five materials producers worldwide, for example, used HaulHub’s fleet-level safety data to identify and terminate the bottom 5% of fleets with poor safety and performance rankings.

By using technology to bring safety front-of-mind for drivers and customers, HaulHub is contributing to a safer environment for everyone involved in construction, from drivers and field crews to pedestrians and bystanders.

Interested in how HaulHub can improve safety for your business? Let’s chat.