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Technology for material hauling

Customers across the nation are using HaulHub to increase efficiency, track performance, and reduce risk. How does your business power its material hauling? Get in touch if you’re interested in how HaulHub can help.

HaulHub Carrier

App-based jobs for truckers

HaulHub makes hauling easier for fleet owners, brokers, and owner-operators. With the HaulHub app, fleet managers can schedule jobs, automate tedious administrative tasks, and manage their fleets. Plus, payments are quick and digital.

  • Digital access to available jobs
  • Automated invoicing and certified payroll
  • Real-time GPS tracking of your trucks
  • Reputation tracking, so you get more jobs

HaulHub Enterprise

Closed-network, data-driven solutions

With HaulHub Enterprise, businesses manage their material hauling on a custom, closed-network platform. Scheduling is simplified and invoicing and payments are automated, while operations and safety data is right at your fingertips.

  • Dispatching and accounting cost reductions
  • Data analytics for cost and performance optimization
  • Job tracking and playback for operations troubleshooting
  • Insurance and driving records for safety and compliance

See how customers are using HaulHub solutions to power their material hauling.

Let technology power your material hauling.