First in the Nation: DelDOT Deploys Centralized Data Portal

April 1, 2021

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has launched a pioneering Data Management Portal in partnership with HaulHub Technologies, marking a significant shift towards digital data management in line with the Federal Every Day Counts (EDC) Innovations program. This transition from traditional paper-based methods to a digital, centralized system aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of data handling within DelDOT's supply chain network, promising increased transparency in materials tracking, fewer misunderstandings among stakeholders, and a more collaborative project environment. DelDOT's initiative represents a move towards sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and improved operations, emphasizing continuous improvement through regular dialogues with HaulHub Technologies to maximize the portal's impact on project insights, trend analysis, and performance evaluation.


Agencies Take Notice: Now 5 Departments Spearhead Data Portals

January 19, 2022

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has embarked on a digital transformation journey by partnering with HaulHub Technologies to deploy a Data Management Portal for optimizing the management of construction materials such as asphalt, aggregate, and ready mix concrete. This digital leap, inspired by similar initiatives in states like Oklahoma, Kansas, and Indiana, places ALDOT at the forefront of national efforts to digitize the construction material supply chain, shifting from outdated paper-based systems to a centralized digital repository. This transition not only aims to mitigate project delays, safety risks, and inefficiencies inherent in manual tracking but also to enhance the speed, safety, and efficiency of construction workflows. ALDOT's move to a digital data portal signifies a strong commitment to leveraging technology for improved project management, facilitating real-time data exchange between contractors and suppliers, and advancing safety, innovation, and efficiency in construction practices.


Data at the Forefront: Ten State Agencies Lead with Advanced Data Integration in Construction

June 23, 2022

The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOH) has joined forces with HaulHub Technologies, marking a significant step in a nationwide push to transform construction management through the integration of advanced data technologies and becoming the first to require all big three materials in the portal. This partnership underscores WVDOH's commitment to adopting cutting-edge data management solutions, including HaulHub's notable 'offline mode', to ensure uninterrupted data access and efficiency. WVDOH becomes the tenth state transportation agency to embrace this innovative, data-centric strategy, aligning with others like California, Maine, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Ohio, highlighting a unified effort to leverage technology for enhanced management of construction materials.


Data Integration Revolution: 15 State Agencies Unite with Unified Data Strategy

February 28, 2023

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is leading a nationwide effort to revolutionize the construction materials supply chain through advanced data integration and the development of a solid digital infrastructure. By partnering with HaulHub, VTrans underscores the initiative's focus on ensuring seamless data flow, even in areas with limited cellular coverage, which is vital for the continuity of operations across extensive highway networks. This strategic move places VTrans among a group of pioneering transportation agencies, such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD), and the Illinois Tollway, all of which are committed to harnessing a unified data platform to enhance efficiency and safety in construction processes.


Data-Driven Transformation: Twenty Agencies Set Standard in Construction Data Management

June 29, 2023

Within a mere two-year span, following DelDOT's pioneering move to create a centralized hub for construction material data, the Washington State Department of Transportation has now joined this wave of innovation. Their involvement signifies the twentieth transportation agency to integrate the HaulHub platform for the seamless aggregation of construction material data from their network of supply chain partners, an initiative that took root in early 2021. Washington State aligns itself with other progressive bodies like the Puerto Rico Agency of Transportation, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT), and the City of Chicago (CDOT) in this endeavor marking a significant departure from traditional paper-based systems for project reconciliation, setting new benchmarks for operational efficiency.


AASHTO and HaulHub Collaborate on Data Management Innovation

May 26, 2023

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has enhanced its data management strategy by entering into a pivotal alliance with HaulHub, a leader in construction technology known for its development of the advanced E-DOT Agency™ Portal.

HaulHub's recognition by AASHTO stands as a key endorsement of its technological innovations, signaling a significant leap forward for the company. This partnership, integrated within AASHTO’s AASHTOWare product ecosystem, is not just about adopting new technology; it embodies a mutual commitment to driving the future of construction through enhanced data analytics and digital solutions. Together, AASHTO and HaulHub are establishing new benchmarks for operational efficiency, transparency, and technological advancement in construction, heralding a new phase of digital transformation in the industry.


Expanding Data Integration: Twenty Five Agencies Pioneer in Advanced Data Platforms

July 17, 2023

Twenty-five state transportation agencies have now embraced the integration of advanced data platforms, propelling a unified march towards revolutionizing construction materials management. This concerted effort showcases a commitment to technological advancement and a digital strategy that aims to boost operational efficiency and foster unprecedented collaboration between the public and private sectors. With recent additions including Rhode Island (RiDOT), Maryland (MDOT), Wisconsin (WisDOT), Tennessee (TDOT), and Idaho (ITD), the push towards data-centric construction management is expanding, emphasizing the critical role of sophisticated data systems in streamlining material exchange and analysis.


DelDOT's Groundbreaking Initiative: Leading with Data Integration through Federal Support and the inaugural ADCMS Grant

November 16, 2023

Delaware's Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has achieved a significant milestone in the realm of infrastructure development by securing a $4 million grant from the Federal Highway Administration under the Advanced Digital Construction Management Systems (ADCMS) program, thanks to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This grant signifies a pivotal shift in DelDOT's construction management strategy towards a data-driven approach, emphasizing the integration of digital inspection techniques and the creation of a unified data ecosystem that combines machinery and material data to streamline construction processes. The initiative aims to automate work validation, significantly reducing the reliance on manual inspections and enabling personnel to focus on more strategic tasks.


DelDOT and Greggo & Ferrara Pioneer Data-Driven Construction Management

November 17, 2023

DelDOT, in partnership with Greggo & Ferrara, Inc., leads the way in establishing the nation's first data-driven construction management model, known as the Connected Jobsite. This pioneering initiative represents a significant evolution in the management and execution of construction projects, introducing a new era where data connectivity and analytics play central roles. The Connected Jobsite utilizes advanced technologies to provide real-time data on the location and activities of construction machinery, integrating this information with GPS applications like WAZE for enhanced transparency and efficiency.

The launch of the Connected Jobsite by DelDOT and Greggo & Ferrara, Inc. goes beyond traditional construction methodologies, embedding data analytics at the core of construction management. This strategic integration of machine activity data with contract specifics and material tracking information positions the Connected Jobsite as a beacon of innovation in construction management.


HaulHub Debuts the E-DOT Platform: A New Era in Data-Driven Construction Management

December 14, 2023

HaulHub Technologies, a trailblazer in public works construction technology solutions, is proud to announce the official launch of the E-DOT platform (https://www.e-dot.com/). The E-DOT platform is an integrated solution for managing public works construction projects. E-DOT streamlines construction progress and inspection by automating manual methods through real-time supply chain data integration. It seamlessly incorporates live construction activities with mapping services like WAZE and updates State maps via ArcGIS integrations, enhancing efficiency across agency groups.